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Bonsai Workshops
Technique, know-how and aesthetics
are all one when serving a single cause
The Art of Bonsai
Bonsai is an illusionary reflection of nature produced under controlled conditions.
  The cost is $25.00 for the workshop including soil and wire, within reason. If you are more experienced and just want styling ideas or help with wiring or potting you can bring up to three trees. If you are a novice and want to learn how to create a bonsai we recommend you concentrate on just one tree, it takes awhile to completely style a tree. Newcomers are not yet capable of doing much of the hands on work themselves, and we like to take the time to explain what we are doing as we do it. This is not only good for them, but it helps even the more experienced learn more tips on wiring, styling and such. As people gain experience we want them to do more of the work themselves, then I will assist them in styling their tree. This is a workshop for you to learn how to, not for us to do all the work for you. Experience is the best teacher. Our desire is to help you learn the art of bonsai.

Pre-bonsai trees and all supplies are available. Observers are welcome at no charge, so come spend the day or just a few hours. You can come anytime between the hours of 9:00-3:00. We have set up an area where we can take before and after pictures of the trees we work on. If you want us to, we can e-mail your pictures to you.

We want to encourage people to bring a previous BYOT tree back with them each time they come so we can guide them on how to proceed with improving the ramification, this will not count as a workshop, if that is all you bring there will be no charge.

As usual Linda will have coffee and something delicious for the early birds, fruits and snacks for the munchies with soda, water and pizza for lunch if you want it. Pizza is $5.00, some people pack a lunch. And who knows what delectable thing someone might bring for us.
 BYOT Weekend
September 14th & 15th
Bring Your Own Tree
Wiring & Bending Techniques Workshop
September 22nd
Wiring and Bending Techniques Workshop

September 22nd


David Cutchin

This workshop will start with teaching the fundamentals of wiring. Once you learn how to wire your tree you will then learn how to properly manipulate the branches to their desired location without breaking them and to add movement and fullness to them.

The workshop will give individualized instruction based on your skill level of wiring, from those that have never done any wiring, to those that want to work on refinement wiring, or learn more on hard bending techniques.

Bring up to two trees that will give you the most opportunity to learn what you want to. Time permitting will dictate whether you can get both done. Trees need to have some initial styling done to them or at least been cleaned and prepped for wiring prior to workshop; this will allow us more time to concentrate on wiring and bending techniques. This workshop is mainly about proper wiring and bending of branches, not as much into styling per say.

This is a limited workshop and you must pre-register.

Being a limited workshop means that when you sign up we are counting on you to come, if you donít, that means someone who would have wanted to would not be able and that would not be fair to them.

Please email or call to sign up.

Cost is $35.00

Bring your trees, tools, and wire. No wire will be furnished, but will be available for purchase if needed.

Workshop starts at 9:00