The Texas Ebony (Pithecellobium flexicaule is the old classification, new is Ebenopsis ebano) has a lot of growth characteristic of itís relative the Brazilian Rain Tree ( Pithecellobium tortum). Has pinnately compound leaves, thorns, similar flowers and closes itís leaves at night, is a slower grower and cold hardy here. Itís branches grow in a zigzag pattern similar to Bucida spinosa.

 PRUNING... Can take drastic branch and root pruning, does have a tendency to drop itís leaves after root pruning, will come back. Will readily back bud on old wood,

 TRAINING... Being a slower grower than the Rain Tree, wiring can be done. It will send its growth to the top of the tree so keep the top trimmed back some to encourage more growth on lower branches. Keep pinched back to reduce leaf size.

 WATERING... Lives in a more arid region so tends to like it drier, more water will give you quicker growth for growing out, use less water when reducing leaf size.

 LIGHT... Full sun.

 INSECT/DISEASE... I really havenít experienced any problems.

 FERTILIZE... Any balanced fertilizer through the growing season.

 REPOT... Minimum night temperatures, low to mid seventies. Roots have a tendency to intertwine and should be spread out when repotted.

 SEASONAL... Cold hardy here. Down to twenty degrees in ground, mid twenties when potted.

 FLOWERS... Blooms mid-summer, yellow or white, fragrant, on new wood, resembles the Powder Puff. Like the Rain Tree, blooms are sparse and few in between. Hard to promote flowering.
Ebenopsis ebano

   Texas Ebony
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