Mandarin Hat

Holmskioldia sanguinea

A beautiful tree in the fall for it gets covered in unusual looking flowers that are orange/red and very showy. Can make a nice landscape specimen here also.

PRUNING… This tree is a very rampant grower. I prune weekly back to the first or second node on my secondary branches until mid-August. It will start setting buds in September and start blooming in mid-October and bloom into December. Will handle severe top and root pruning.

TRAINING… Wire for movement in main branches and use clip and grow for secondary branches. Due to its quick growth rate watch for wire scarring.

WATERING… As any quick grower it likes a lot of water during the summer months.

LIGHT… Full sun is best. Although can tolerate partial sun.

INSECT/DISEASE… Watch for Scale, Mites and Aphids.

FERTILIZE… Careful with the nitrogen, too much will stretch the internodes. Use a balanced fertilizer through the growing season then start adding phosphate late summer for blooms.
REPOT… Minimum night temperatures- low to mid 60's. Repot every one to two years.

SEASONAL… Protect below 40 degrees. In your landscape will freeze to the ground and come back, but will need some protection on a sustained freeze.

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